Abigail Teaser


We’re really close to have Abigail ready for festivals. Next week we’re going to start mailing out DVDs to everyone to help make the film possible. But before you get your DVDs, check out this quick little teaser.

Abigail Teaser


Michael A. Cimpher


Happy Holidays everyone,

We recently just uploaded 128 production photos to Flickr. Abigail is close to finished as we have some small things to tidy up. After which we can start looking at our film festival strategy and mailing out DVDs to people. I will keep everyone posted as we’re almost finished with the film. If anyone has any suggestions/ideas for festivals, please send them my way at michael.cimpher@gmail.com


Happy Holidays,

Michael A. Cimpher

Post experience.

Hello everyone,

We recently went through the post production houseĀ RUSHES located in Soho, London. I can easily say the experience was less than desired. I will not go into details though I will express that deadlines were not met and we were left high and dry.

I feel I should mention this to make sure other film makers don’t go down the same path.

In other news, our dubbing session at Pinewood Studios went extremely well.

Re-recorder mixer James Doyle and mix technician Adam Scrivener did an amazing job balancing out the 5.1 Dolby mix for Abigail. Click on their names and check out their other work. Super friendly guys and I hope we can work with them again in the future.

We should also be very, very close to a first screening.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

Michael A. Cimpher

Almost there.

Just another quick update. Over this past weekend we did some foley work in prep for our dubbing session at Pinewood studios two weeks from now. Things are coming together well and the film will be finished and ready for festivals by the end of this month! Exciting times.

Thank you again everyone,

Michael A. Cimpher

Meet the Bounty Hunter

Photo by Hugo Freire Correia

Just a quick update. We have an assembly of Abigail which so far looks pretty good. The final length will be around 20 minutes. Our next step will be the sound design and a picture lock.

We are currently over budget as we didn’t expect certain expenses during production because of this we cannot finish the film. We will soon be holding another fundraiser to help pay for the grade and final export of Abigail and then off to festivals!

Thank you again for all of your support!

Also, please take a look at these amazing making of photos by Pedro Noel da Luz.

Day 1

Day 2

Thank you again,

Michael A. Cimpher

.first picture of Abigail.

Thank you again to everyone involved. We are currently editing and extremely happy with the results of our shoot in theĀ Algarve.

As we move forward, we will be slowly releasing pictures of the characters. The first character release is of Abigail.

Click here to see Abigail.

Thank you again,

Michael A. Cimpher